Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Tractor Pull" Poster

These are the very first posters I have hand printed using the screen printing process. I did the illustration by hand based on a tractor that we borrowed for our garden this spring. I laid out the poster with Adobe Illustrator, and also did the color separations with AI. I made a screen for each color, and printed the color poster twice, lining the images up from each screen... a two-color image. Also, the tractor pull event is entirely fake, I made it up and made it on Greg's birthday. He is 45 years old this year, so it is the "45th Annual."

Where I used to work, we used the screen printing process also -- except we used it to print solder paste onto printed circuit boards. I found it interesting that the types of problems we had with the screen printing process at the factory also translated to this process. Registration, snapoff, etc have to be just right to get a good print. It's a challenge, but overall, the process really intrigues me and I hope to have lots of new artwork to share with you.