Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Road Trip to the Coast: Columbia River Windpower

If you love wind power, you will love driving through the Columbia River Gorge. There are hundreds and hundreds of windmills. Wind power is a rather controversial issue. A lot of people feel that the turbines are ugly, and that they interfere with the natural beauty of the areas in which they are placed. Walter Cronkite famously opposed the Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound, but later reversed his position and supported the wind farm. I happen to love seeing the giant turbines against the backdrop of nature. I think they are rather beautiful. Maybe it's because I'm an engineer... who knows? I just think it's great that we can capture a free resource like the wind and use it to make power. That in itself is quite beautiful.

These wind turbines are part of the White Creek wind farm, and I took this picture while traveling from Zillah, Washington to the Oregon Coast this past weekend. I love the colors (the light was just awesome for photographs this weekend).

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