Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caldwell's Winter Wonderland

One of the best Christmas lighting displays I've seen in a long time is in downtown Caldwell, Idaho along Indian Creek. It's just phenomenal. I was able to capture a few photos (in 2 degrees Fahrenheit weather) this evening, but had to cut my shoot short due to the extreme temps. It's amazing how very cold your fingers get when they're outside your gloves for only a few seconds at a time to push the shutter button. I used my timer and a tripod to get these shots - I have lost my remote shutter release and really need to get a new one!

This display has over 250,000 energy efficient LEDs. Last year, the city of Caldwell recycled 64,000 incandescent lights in order to convert to the LED display. Another 50,000 lights illuminate a 10-figure polar bear village and four nutcracker soldiers (1). There is also a lighting display with synchronized music. The display stretches through downtown Caldwell to the Caldwell Train Depot along Indian Creek and is surely a must-see this Christmas season! Go check it out!
  1. Lea, Dan, "Caldwell Aglow Friday", Idaho Press Tribune, 2009. 12/9/2009,

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